#BecauseICan Rally Club

The #BecauseICan Rally Club has been set up to help provide an official voice to promote Motorcycle Rally events around Scotland.

The more members in the club, the louder that voice grows.


Benefits of Membership

Regular Newsletters

event dates and locations, recent event results, updates on the Club business and general points of interest.


competitive rates for promotions, merchandise and commercial advertising.

Project Dakar

priority on our Project Dakar events including training days and social events

Team Meetings

scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month, 2:30pm before our evening training sessions, unless advised otherwise.

Scottish Auto Cycle Union

The Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU) is the National Governing Body for motorcycle sport in Scotland.

The SACU develops and promotes a number of motorcycle disciplines including: Road Race (inclusive of Sidecars), Trials, Off-Road Speed (Motocross, Enduro, Quads and Supermoto) and Bike Trials (non-motorised).

The BIC Rally Club is recognised by the SACU and, as a result, has voting rights.

Join the BIC Rally Club and help shape the future of Scottish motorcycling.

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